For 70 years Lammhults has delivered its signature Scandinavian style to public spaces, homes and offices, creating a world of elegant modern interiors. Lammhults products are forward-looking and innovative. With each new product the rich tradition of Lammhults gives new life to the principles of the Modern Movement.

Durable products, not trendy designs, have been the guarantee that has brought customers back to Lammhults over and over. Lammhults is a family-based operation: families of products, by our core designer family, produced by generations of Lammhults workers, supplied to our favorite family of customers. Our commitment to these families is unwavering and ongoing.

A unexpectedly large part of our production process is made manually, securing the high quality of our designs. Furniture making is an inherited skill in these parts and we proudly point to the successive generations among our workers.

Käytämme evästeitä kävijäseurantaan ja markkinointiin.